How do I get involved?

HIBC is supported by a lot of contributors' that have decided to donate their time and efforts towards facilitating this platform. There's different ways which allow you to obtain a spot on the contributors list, here are some of the most common ways:

  • Contribute to HIBC's database by submitting content
  • Identify a vulnerability or potential security risk in HIBC and provide us with responsible disclosure
  • Submit a suggestion which could improve the usability of HIBC and if we decide to implement your suggestion - we will provide you with recognition

Above are just some common examples, if you're able to help us at all - you most likely qualify for a spot.

Please submit all submissions through our: contact page.

We have a PGP key available that can be found here: PGP key.

(if your submission contains sensitive information, make sure you utilize PGP so the contents receive as little exposure time as possible).

Our Contributors

Daniel Kelley


Ernest Aduwa


David Crees

Security Researcher

Jonas Perrin

Content Contributor